On Belay: Adventures in Mountaineering on Two Continents

On Belay, a book of short stories about mountain climbing, is available from Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com!

On Belay MG Anderson

This collection is a mix of fact and fiction, encompassing every mood from comic to tragic, a veritable potpourri of mountaineering themes. The venues and circumstances are varied from Ancient Clan ghosts resurrected on the Anniversary of the great Massacre of Glencoe, free falling from a great height on Ben Nevis, man eating a sandwich spiced by the ashes of his true love(inadvertently), cutting a caper near Cuzco, and love on the Rocks, Seneca Rocks, West Virginia, my American Brigadoon; a bad hangover at Hogmanay, an attempted poisoning in the Andes. In the best of all possible worlds climbers would speak like guests at an afternoon tea party. They don’t. Any attempt to make them do so comes over as twee and arch, so I have allowed them full and authentic voice.

Praise for On Belay

“The stories in On Belay are in some cases humorous, others are gripping! They are inventive and written in a most appealing and frank style. I am happy to recommend them to be read by one and all!” – Dennis Gray, Distinguished English Mountaineer

“The climbing sequences all feel authentic. The landscape description is vivid and the dialogue is well observed.” -Ian Thow, Scottish Mountaineering Journal

“Anyone involved in a mountain tragedy will recognize the feelings expressed by the author. Though few of us have the skills to express them with such sensitivity. …Gripping and exciting writing.” -Paul Brian, Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal


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